Docker is an open source project that automates the applications deployment into Container software, providing an additional abstraction thanks to virtualization at the level of the operating system. Docker uses the isolating feature of the Kernel Linux resources, for example cgroups and namespaces, in order to allow to independent containers to coexist on the same instance, avoiding the installation and maintenance of a virtual machine.


The workshop will introduce the Docker ecosystem and the principle concepts related to containers world.

During the workshop, there will be some presentations and exercises on advanced topics: demo from AWS instances (swarm and overlay included) with images based on alpine and the new security and data volume features.


Everyone must bring his own laptop with an ubuntu 14.04 VM with Docker installed (follow the online procedure in order to have the latest release installed). Docker suggests Ubuntu for the native aufs support.

È necessario avere il proprio portatile con una VM ubuntu 14.04 con docker installato (seguendo la procedura online in modo da avere l’ultima release disponibile). Docker consiglia ubuntu per il supporto nativo ad aufs.


The workshop will take place on May 23rd 2017 in “Palazzo dei Congressi Lugano”, Piazza Indipendenza 4 - 6900 Lugano, Svizzera
Please find below the Agenda of the day:

– Intro to containers

Containers vs virtualization

Containers for isolation

Shipping containers

Docker, containers and images

Running and managing containers

Building images

Managing and distributing images

– Dockerfile: FROM, RUN, ADD, ENV…

Container and service?

Volumes and data volumes

Bind and managed


– Networking

Container Network Model

– Manage resources

Memory limits, CPU, Access to devices

– Container Security

Seccomp, Userns, Capabilities…

– Clustering and orchestrator: swarm modeHost distribution: machine

Swarm network model

– Manage complex architecture: compose

During the Workshop the trainer will make some live Demo using the AWS cloud.

The trainer:

Francesco Tornieri: Francesco deals with information security and open-source systems for over fifteen years. He has published several articles in journals, like Linux Journal and Hakin9. He is the author of the book "Linux. Configurarlo al meglio. " He is a member of AIPSI - Italian Association of IT Security Professionals. Francesco is a CAcert auditor for SSL certifications. He is an honorary fellowship at the Catholic University of Milan, chairs of "Computer 2" and "Operating systems for on-line banks". He is a Docker Certified trainer.

Prendi il biglietto

I workshop saranno svolti presso il Palazzo dei Congressi Lugano. L'acquisto del workshop da diritto all'accesso gratuito alla conferenza del giorno seguente.


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